Senior citizen’s camps, free home delivery service launched

LAHORE: To facilitate senior citizens, Punjab Model Bazaar Management Company (PMBMC) has launched senior citizen camps in model bazaars and free home delivery service, Profit learnt here.

The PMBMC spokesperson Maria Iqbal informed this scribe that the facility was launched by the company keeping in view the arrival of Ramadan and the weather conditions.

Iqbal further informed that during the month of February, under the unique business system, the company was providing relief to the public through 5 to 32 percent per kg directly on high quality fruits and vegetables through ‘Sahulat Stalls’.

“In the month of February, the price of potato in the open market was RS 45 per kg while in our stalls it was selling at RS 25 per kg. Similarly, the price of onion in the open market was RS48 but at Sahulat stalls it was sold at RS 25 per kg,” she added.

The spokesman also informed that during the last month (March) the relief had gone up from 5 percent to 35 percent.

“The price of onion at sahulat stalls was RS 33 per kg last month while in the open market it was Rs 52 per kg. Similarly, chicken was sold at RS 376 per kg in model markets while its price in the open market was RS 410 per kg. Not only that, compared to the open market, bananas were sold at 47 percent, apples at 42 percent and kinnow at 43 percent cheaper rate,” she said.

Referring to the month of Ramadan, Iqbal said that flour, rice, pulses, sugar and ghee were available at discounted prices at Sahulat stalls.

When asked about the free delivery home mechanism, Iqbal said that the facility would be available in areas up to three kilometers away from model bazaars.

“In fact, the camps we have set up for senior citizens have adequate seating arrangements for people aged 60 and over. Whenever a senior citizen arrives, our staff takes orders from them and they are provided with the required items on their seats so the elders don’t have to go around the market. At the same time, we are taking the mobile numbers of these senior citizens so that a database can be created”.

“Our staff also gives their number to these citizens so that those who need to have something delivered at home later can avail this facility. The company has provided transportation to the staff for free home delivery,” she concluded.


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