Pakistan Army not only defeated terrorism but also kept five times larger Army at bay: Air Chief

KAKUL: Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu has said that Pakistan Army has not only defeated the menace of terrorism and its manifestations but also has also kept a five times larger Army at bay.

“Our armed forces are a true reflection of Quaid’s Pakistan, with no distinction of caste, creed, gender, religion, status, geography or beliefs,” said the Chief of Air Staff (CAS) while addressing here at MPA Kakul.

“PMA Kakul is indeed one of the best military academies of the world, where our nation’s most motivated youth volunteer to join the ranks and lead the best. We live in challenging times in the wake of evolving global and regional environment. Let it be known that Pakistan is a peace loving nation and wishes to maintain friendly ties with all countries, especially our neighbors,” he said.

However, the Air Chief said that the desire for peace of Pakistan must be understood on the right direction.

“Let me make it clear that there can be no peace without a just settlement of the Kashmir issue. We condemn the grave human rights violations in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. I urge the international community to play their role in ending human rights violation and atrocities in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.

“We also believe that peace and stability in Afghanistan is imperative not only for the progress of Pakistan but the entire region. Sacrifices by Pakistanis and our efforts for peace in the region speak for themselves,” asserted the Air Chief.

Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu said that while we would not like to indulge in an arms race, the armed forces of Pakistan would continue to enhance their capability to deter any aggression.

“I am proud that armed forces of Pakistan are professionally competent and well trained to cope with all internal and external challenges. Our brave warriors have always displayed great courage during testing times and upheld Nation’s trust. We are Alhamdulillah equipped and trained in line with the dictates of modern warfare and are ready to face any challenge. We are also cognizant of the challenges and opportunities of future technologies,” he said.

“I can say it with confidence that all three services are working jointly, more than any time in the history, to develop expertise and capabilities in unison and full synergy. I must appreciate Pakistan Army for its role to create this environment of true jointness amongst the armed forces”.

“Before I conclude I would like to especially appreciate Commandant PMA and his well motivated and professionally competent team for their concerted efforts towards education, training and grooming of this energetic youth. I once again congratulate the graduating cadets and distinction holders on their accomplishments on this memorable day. At the same time I congratulate the proud parents and the families of graduating cadets,” he said.

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