PNS Tughril: A new frigate; a new era for Pakistan Navy

By Hassan Zeb

Pakistan Navy, while keeping in view the security challenges at Indian Ocean Region (IOR), stepping up to modernize its fleet in order to maintain a formidable force at sea. During the recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a diverse geopolitical landscape and heightened situation in the region.

To cope up with the emerging challenges, the Pakistan Navy accorded top priority to its combat readiness and resolve to thwart nefarious designs of adversary. Pakistan Navy had been operating with major surface ships which constrain country’s regional footprints and influence. To increase naval strength, the fleet size comprising of more ships was envisioned by Pakistan Navy.

To augment maritime power, Pakistan Navy has acquired latest and one of the most technologically advanced platforms of Surface Fleet. Named as Pakistan Navy Ship TUGHRIL, it is the 1st ship this was built at Chinese Shipyard, Shanghai, China. Three more ships of same class will be commissioned to serve Pakistan Navy for decades as force multipliers. It is a multi-mission capable ship, fitted with potent weapons like Surface to Air (SAM) and Supersonic Surface to Surface Missiles (SSM).

Weapons and Sensors installed onboard ship make it a state-of-the-art platform which can perform variety of Maritime Operations. An over 4000 tons potent platform will provide requisite deterrence and means for averting threats which contributing towards protection of Sea Lines of communications (SLOCs).

Pakistan believes in promoting peace and harmony in the region and has remain committed to maintain stability and to curb maritime crimes in all forms. Pakistan is proactively contributing in collaborative maritime security initiatives as partner to international navies besides own initiative of Regional Maritime Security Patrol (RMSP) for a secure maritime milieu in the region and beyond. The new ship induction will strengthen PN’s deterrence in the region to achieve desired objectives.

PNS TUGHRIL will indeed help PN in boosting its efforts especially in IOR. PN will continue to play its role in contributing to government’s efforts for peace and stability in the region.

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