Reasons for rejected votes

The recent LG Polls in KP had one thing in common. In all districts, where the election was held, there were a very high number of rejected votes.

The reason for these rejected votes was the way the voting was conducted. First the voter was asked to mark the files with their left thumb impressions. After the voters’ thumb is made dirty with ink, they are handed over the votes, which are then to be marked by a special stamp.

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As most voters would tell you, including Pervaiz Khattak who had to vote three times, it was very difficult to handle the votes with dirty hands and in most cases, some ink marks from the thumb would end up on the votes.

Similarly for the uneducated people who were told to mark with thumb impressions before the vote, continued using their thumb impressions to even mark the votes, which turned their vote into a rejected vote. Therefore I request ECP to improve this voting process. Clean tissue paper should be provided to each voter at the time of vote to clean their thumb from excess ink and keep it covered during the vote. Thumb impression or stamp or both should be allowed as correct vote if they are marked in one box. Such measures will reduce the rejected votes in future elections.



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