PCB chairman to propose quadrangular T20 series involving India

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja plans on proposing an annual quadrangular T20 series, involving Pakistan, India, Australia, and England, sources revealed on Tuesday.

“It’s not going to happen right now, but who knows,” Raja stated.

The PCB chairman plans on proposing the series during an International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting as he plans on getting arch-rivals India and Pakistan go toe-to-toe in regular international matches.

Raja went on to state that “I have a good mind of proposing a rugby Six Nations-style series that they have a cricket series, a T20 international series outside the FTP [Future Tours Programme] where Australia, England, India, and Pakistan can play four sides”

“I was thinking of maybe introducing this concept at the ICC meeting. If India and Pakistan are not willing to play bilaterally, involve them in a four-nation [event], and so every year this tournament could go to England, Australia, Pakistan and India and take it from there. I will [propose it], definitely I will. So this is breaking news,” he added.

Australia’s tour

The Aussies are scheduled to tour Pakistan in early March — their first visit to the country since 1998 — for three Tests, three ODIs, and one T20I.

The former batsman asked Australian players to tour Pakistan as it would have an emotional impact on the local fans, as they have been deprived of international matches at home.

“There’s a lot of excitement,” Raja stated.

“You’ve got to understand what it means to Pakistani fans. We’ll make sure that we make it into a grand spectacle as well.

“Some of the comments coming out of Australia, are very encouraging for us. I heard what Usman Khawaja had to say. You’ve got to understand the emotions behind such a tour.

“A young Australian cricketer may not understand the value that he’ll bring by touring Pakistan.”


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