Court marriage

Since few years, the number of court marriages has been increasing in Pakistan. It is really shocking that when we read Daily newspapers or watch Television news, we know that every day, dozens of spouses tie the knot at court in Pakistan. According to the constitution or law of Pakistan, court marriage is also a legal act, because it provides the right of liberty to all the people of the country.

But it is essential that there would not be any force or threat from one side to the other for court marriage; it means the consent must be added from both sides (groom and bride)when they are going to get court marriage with each other. If we look into the main cause of the court marriage, either the marriage is against the wish of the groom’s parents or the bride’s as well. Therefore, they run away from their home for court marriage at all. In addition, honour killing especially in the rural areas of Pakistan is an important cause behind court marriage. Owing to the court marriage, quarrels or fights arises between the relatives of both parties and therefore, sometimes that spouse can’t live a long life. According to a report, half of the court marriages have been reported to fail in Pakistan due to untrusted relationships, a gap of understanding and love or respect for parents either by groom or bride after realizing that he or she had taken a wrong decision.

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It is important for spouses to know all about each other so that they can live a comfortable life ahead without any trouble. On the other side, the parents should avoid managing their childrens’ marriage with someone else without his/her consent.



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