PM to attend Middle East Green Initiative Summit in Riyadh on Oct 25

Prime Minister Imran Khan would attend the Middle East Green Initiative Summit in Riyadh on October 25, a news outlet reported.

According to the report, the premier has accepted Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s invitation, which was extended in July.

During his visit, the prime minister is also expected to hold bilateral meetings with the Saudi leadership.

Earlier in March, the Saudi leadership had launched the Saudi Green and Middle East Green schemes aimed at cutting carbon emissions by 60 percent through employing clean hydrocarbon technologies and planting about 50 billion trees, including 10 billion in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Green initiative has more domestic focus while the Middle East Green initiative is meant to lead regional efforts for attaining global targets to combat climate change.

Pakistan was among the first countries to have welcomed the initiatives. The PM, in a letter to the Saudi crown prince, had offered Pakistan’s help in the massive tree plantation project.


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