Bilawal terms budget anti-people, anti-poor

KARACHI: Terming the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2020-21 an economic attack on Pakistanis, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has made his “anti-people and anti-poor” agenda clear.

The PPP chairman, in a statement issued on Saturday, said that PTI would not be permitted to play with the nation’s future, vowing his party would not allow Imran Khan to conduct an economic massacre of the people.

“People now know that Imran Khan has a habit of making tall claims. The prime minister has failed in providing relief to the common man,” he maintained.

Reiterating PM is “deaf, dumb, and blind” to the plight of the average citizen, he said, “The year might have changed, but the conditions of the people remain the same. A poor man’s house is still being deprived of necessities.”

The PPP chairman said that while the government was busy presenting “false facts” through the Economic Survey 2020-21 and claiming that the nation is flourishing, the government employees protested against inflation outside the parliament. “The people are now retaliating because they are aware of the puppet prime minister’s empty promises,” he said, adding, “They know it is Imran Khan’s habit to talk big and do nothing. He is incompetent and has completely failed to provide relief to the common man.”

Highlighting how the facts tell another story, Bilawal said that an anti-people budget “was expected” from the PTI government. “If the inflation rate, unemployment, and poverty figures have been historic during Imran Khan’s tenure, how can the budget be public [friendly]?” he questioned.


  1. Bilawal terms budget anti-people, anti-poor.
    WOW If Mr. Bilawal is even a bit concerned about the poor of the country, then why doesn’t he help and commit to build a few hundred of single housing quarters for the poor’s in Sindh including providing food and schools there..? He is after all, one of the Filthiest rich families of Pakistan..!! ? or..?? Filthy rich should take first step to show their love and support for the poor of their province.., instead of pointing fingers, What did his corrupt family do..??, buying properties in UK..? What an example of love for the poor…wow.


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