Rights and responsibilities

A responsibility is a duty you should do, such as doing your own work. A good citizen always does such things which make his country proud. You can also be a good citizen by respecting others opinions and rights. A good citizen always pays his taxes fully, honestly and promptly. He always follows rules obediently which are set by the government. A good and responsible citizen always knows the complexities of problems his country is going through and makes solutions for that. He also takes care of his neighbors too by sharing problems and happiness with them. Besides that you can make your friends group and make your country clean and green by putting trash in dustings and by planting more trees. You should donate to local animal shelters near you and help those people who are homeless. Some of the students think that they have only one responsibility of studying No! They have responsibilities too. Whatever you have learned in your school, college, university or wherever you go. You should convey that knowledge to those people of your country who don’t know about that or to those who are not educated. These days we have one more responsibility. I have seen and heard about some people that are COVID positive but they don’t tell anybody about that they have met before because they get scared about thinking of isolation. Being a responsible citizen if you are COVID positive please tell those people you have met before so that they can also get their testing done.


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