Get vaccinated

I just want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities on the rising queries of public on the authenticity of covid-19 vaccine.

It is to be mentioned that for now when we have hit by the severely third wave of virus, still a large number of people don’t believe on the existence of corona, this non serious attitude of such people is also somewhere the reason for the rapid increase in the cases. Those who don’t take it serious they should have to look at the condition of India nowadays, oxygen is rare, thousands of people are dying in a single day, hospitals are full of Covid patients. They should look at their condition and thought that if they don’t want this situation to be happened in our country and they want to be safe they should follow sop’s strictly and got themselves vaccinated as soon as possible.

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In our country the vaccination has been started and a number of people get vaccinated. The health authorities should have to speed up the vaccination process so that the more and more people get them vaccination and we should control the increasing cases shortly.

So, it is the time for the nation to be fully serious on coronavirus and trust on the vaccine as it is for our safety from the deadly virus.

Madiha Zubair


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