Online classes issue

Today I want to draw your attention towards the issue of online classes which all students are facing in Pakistan. With no common standards for that learning, however, the results have varied wildly. Teachers have experimented with apps and formats — live streams, pre recorded lessons or a mix. Many teachers are holding web classes now but plan to go over the same material a second time when normal classes restart.

“It’s a big mess, that’s all I can say,” For students the disruption has been profound. Students are facing a lot of problems , even the students who belong to backward areas. It’s not possible for them to take their lectures online because they are facing internet issues. Overall this is the problem of all departments but especially the students who belong to the department of math’s , physics, engineering and computer sciences , it is not possible for them to understand lectures. And those students who belong to backward areas, how can they take their lectures? How can they meet up with their classmates who are taking online lectures?

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Zarish Sajid


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