Corona fever

It is to draw your attention towards the panic rising in our country due to COVID-19. Corona virus has started to spread all over the world including our country Pakistan. This has created chaos among people. They have become terrified of this virus. Given the fact that it is spreading rapidly and is causing deaths all round the world, no one notices that the recovery rate is much higher than the death rate of the corona patients.

Media is playing its role in informing the people about situations all over the globe, but people are pessimistic rather than being optimistic in this situation. This is creating chaos and panic in the country. Through the media, people need to be calmed down. Also, lack of awareness regarding this disease is another cause of trepidation among people. People are getting influenced by one another and starting to become terrified rather than digging for some information. They are not completely aware of the causes of COVID-19 and are continuously falling prey to several profiteers. There is a need to spread awareness among people regarding Coronavirus so that the chances of fraud for these profiteers can be lessened. Articles involving positive changes and efforts all around the world should be published. Also, this is a necessity to make people realize that COVID-19 is more curable than the deaths it has caused.

Due to the popularity of your newspaper among the common people as well as the government officials, I request you to publish an article regarding this issue so that it can gain the attention of the officials. Your act of kindness will greatly be appreciated.

Iqra Rathore


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