President for preparedness to counter modern warfare

Pakistan always believed in peace and harmony, says Alvi

KARACHI: President Dr Arif Alvi on Thursday called for full national preparedness, based on quick information and intelligence, to effectively counter modern warfare, including cyber and intellectual, besides enhancing defence capability of the Muslim Ummah.

Citing the United States’ invasion of Iraq and India’s recent communication blockade of the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the president said the Muslims should also boost their moral values, which are important for maintaining security and glory in the world.

He was addressing the upgradation ceremony of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Air War College Institute, Faisal Base, which had begun its journey as Staff College in January, 1959 after its inauguration by former president Mohammad Ayub Khan.

Alvi, who is the first chancellor of this defence institute, emphasised the importance of morality along with quality professional trainings and education.

Talking about steps to ensure strong defence system of the country, he said that the Pakistan armed forces would have to pursue each and every development in the field of defence in the world and they would have to equip themselves with modern education and technologies, besides capacity building of the defence education and training institutes, which would help them in adopting best defence strategies.

Nowadays, he said, a powerful prevails in the world and Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine are its examples. The powerful nations’ hypocrisy and inhuman attitude with the capacity of distant use of weaponry is a serious challenge, he added.

“Pakistan always believed in peace and harmony but we must maintain our defence edge and that will only be possible by having modern weaponry. The country could not afford wars as it had to focus on social and economic issues of its people. All that could be achieved through provision of quality and modern education, and health,” Alvi said.

“The Muslims have a bright history of having advantages over the non-Muslims in the wars despite being short in number. And today is the same situation, however, similarity of weaponry is necessary.”

The president said that there are many Hadiths [sayings] of the Holy Prophet Mohammad [Peace Be Upon Him], stressing on high moral values and human compassion for a better society. The Prophet [Peace Be Upon Him] had also emphasised on acquiring knowledge and education from any part of the world.

Alvi said that for the respectful living, survival and progressing in today’s world, the Pakistani nation needs high patriotism with strong and sustained economy, adding that in next ten years, Pakistan would be a strong and fast progressing Muslim state on the world map.

He condemned the aggressive attitude of India towards its neighbours. “India had unleashed a reign of terror and cruelties on the Muslims in the IIOJK. It always befooled the world while building its defence power,” he added.

He appreciated the efforts of the PAF leadership for professional grooming of the air force. It is a matter of pleasure that the AWC Institute has become a defence degree awarding institute, he said, expressing the confidence that it would emerge as a leading international defence institute.

Earlier on his arrival, Alvi was received by Deputy Chief of Staff (Training) Vice Air Marshal Aamir Masood, AWC Institute President Vice Air Marshal Zulfiqar Ahmed Qureshi and some other senior officers of the air force.

Masood presented a memento to the president while Qureshi briefed him on the institute’s history, its role in defence training and future plans.


  1. It is ridiculous to speak of peace and harmony of the President of countries like Pakistan. Countries like Pakistan exist only to spread unrest and violence in the world, and later Pakistani leaders blackmail countries around the world to prevent the same violence. Secondly, the Pakistani President also talked about modern warfare. However, his army always specializes in trade and not in warfare. So as far as the Pakistani Army is concerned, he should tell his army about modern business management, not modern warfare, because the Pakistani Army does not able to do war, but it has specialization in business, through the Fauzi Foundation.


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