China’s rapid growth

China is among the best friend of Pakistan. In 1949, China got independence. China was entirely devastated after the civil war, but because of its citizens drudgery China was built again. China is manifested as the second powerful country in the world. China’s technology entity is matchless among all countries in the world. China’s soldiers are very much energetic and brave. Advancement of China is just because of the Chinese citizens. Chinese government is very much effective in granting justice. The prescription are same for every poor and rich. They are honest and not corrupt. Pakistan shares border with china and even though they are close friends. In 1998 when Pakistan was getting sanction china vetoed it in security council and supported Pakistan. There is a big gap between Pakistan and china augmentation. Though Pakistan got independence before china, but still Pakistan did not got up growth. In Pakistan there is no any justice, There is no any strict rules. China is known for his excellency in technology and education. China is reached on the competition level with America though many of us believe to have china has to be upcoming super power country. Our Pakistani citizen should learn a lesson from Chinese. Everyone is astonished of china’s rapid growth or rapid development. China is among the most known country.

Erum Asadullah


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