Remembering an extraordinary film

Bol is a film directed by Shoaib Manzoor which was released on June, 24, 2011. It has been 10 years since the release of this Pakistani masterpiece film but still today it influences thousands of minds positively with its realistic story. Not one but this film consists several messages and moves around some critical topics of our society like poverty, the hatred for transgenders, patriarchy and religion. The leading actress and the protagonist of the film Humaima Malik has given a matchless performance in this movie. This is starts by leading actress telling her story before being hanged as her last wish. She starts with explaining about her that he was a physician and was poor. He was obsessed with male child but could not get one. Only due to the obsession of male child the mother gave birth to many female children due to which mother got week physically but yet she was not allowed to skip giving birth due to some religious beliefs. Because of being poor they could not feed the children very well. Her mother gave birth to a transgender who was later raped by a man at working place. Having this belief that the raped transgender child can bring dishonor he was killed by the father. There are numerous tiny ups and downs in the film. For getting money the father sleeps with a lady who later gives birth to his daughter. One day the lady leaves this daughter also at physician’s home. Thinking that the baby girl can dishonor for him, he tires to kill her. Here the protagonist resists to save the baby but mistakenly kills her father and gets the capital punishment. Before getting hanged the actress leaves a question that if killing is a crime why is not giving birth a crime?


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