Unity despite differences

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Reason has prevailed over emotionalism. The PDM managed to reach consensus on important issues. Briefing the media after the PDM meeting, its chief, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, noted that the leadership of the allied parties had received the resignations of their legislators. There was no announcement, however, about when these will be presented to the concerned Speakers. The PDM chief underlined the unity prevailing in the opposition. All issues under discussion were resolved amicably, the media was told.

The PDM chief held that extraneous intervention in civilian affairs was responsible for the ills of the country. There was a consensus in the alliance for this to be brought to an end. This was the PDM’s response to the PML(F) General Secretary’s warning delivered to Maulna Fazlur Rehman a day earlier. It was decided that 31 January was the last date for the government to resign. In case it failed to do so, the PDM would announce the date and the destination of the proposed long march.

It was decided to participate in the by-lections while the decision on the Senate elections was to be taken later. A number of protests were planned to soften up the government’s positions before the final assault. These would be followed by a grand march from all over Pakistan. Its date and destination was to be decided in the next meeting of the alliance. The possibility of a ”jail bharo” movement was also hinted at by PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman. He told the media that the alliance was satisfied with the explanation provided by the PPP about its position. This made it clear that all parties in the alliance stood united.

The decision taken by the PDM would increase the worries of the PTI. The hopes that the PDM was going to split have been dashed to the ground. Instead a united and aggressive PDM would continue to pressurize the government and its promoters from both inside and outside Parliament at a time when the common man’s sufferings continues to increase with rising electricity charges, petrol prices, and gas shortages. The PDM may not succeed in overthrowing the government by the end of the month, but it will give government a run for its money.

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