Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is a masterpiece of renowned playwright Samuel Backet which deals with the theme of nothingness of life. The absurdity of life and passing of days and nights resulting in

From NAP to NIP

PML-N’s infighting has made it a failure   There is a growing perception in the corridors of power that RAW is working with determination to block the implementation of the China-Pakistan Economic

APC and the Corridor

Fate changer?   PML-N clearly prepared the APC script well. Differences have diminished and everybody is on board for what the international press has begun calling a ‘fate changer’ for the region.

Prosecuting Axact

A test case for FIA to prove its worth   The FIA has completed the easier task. It has interrogated Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, raided a ‘secret’ facility where its investigators

Another year as PM

Ceding space?   Nawaz Sharif’s third term as prime minister has not been without its ups and downs, to say the last, but he seems quite comfortable in the chair as the

A decline in respect for law

By all   The way governments in Punjab and Sindh have interfered in appointments, placements and promotions of the police force has badly affected its performance, undermined its discipline and even brutalised

Faisal Zaman


Beasts, too, have rights! Who says there is no rule of law in Pakistan? Look at the way state authorities and state laws have jumped into action in the matter of Axact,

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Freud and Fareed

Does the Austrian neurologist have what it takes to survive in Pakistan?     ‘If Freud was born in Pakistan he would be Fareed,’ quips ‘Pir’ Afzal Rizvi. Fareed or not, Freud

Bending the rules in haste

Governance PML-N style   In his quest for speedy initiation of development projects Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif sometimes tends to bypass rules and regulations. This creates problems besides giving birth to manifold