Our police

I had been given the opportunity to visit Shara-e-Faisal police station by a criminal who stole my car’s side mirrors while I was on a visit to my sister in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. What

The last flight

When we talk about of low-cost/no-frill flights, as passengers, we always visualise compact planes, no complimentary food or drinks, slashed baggage allowance and minimal service standard while on board, but what about

Doctors’ protests

Who loses? It is pretty clear that so long as the Punjab government does not honour its promises to the Young Doctors Association, so long the latter will protest; which means periodic

M J Akbar

Law, outlaw and brother-in-law

Kejriwal’s rise to power   A perplexed question: Through which kink in our Freudian sub-strand has “saala” become a vituperative pejorative across the Indian subcontinent? We may be divided by caste, creed,

Where are electoral reforms?

A victim of the committee system   Soon after its formation, nine months back, the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms went into coma. This indicated that the government had little realisation that

The Yemen question

Too much at stake A lot depends on the high-level Pakistani delegation currently visiting Saudi Arabia, but going by press reports ahead of the visit, it seems the government is just as

Three options for Pakistan

Following the best course   Around 500 stranded Pakistanis have been evacuated from Yemen. With the initiation of the air strikes, the expatriates are facing hardships in reaching airports. There is a

Now the commerce ministry

More missed budget targets   It is interesting that after tax collection, GDP growth, deficit, manufacturing, etc, the commerce ministry, too, is making sure it is not left behind in the matter

Kuldip Nayar

India’s neighbours

Turbulent waters everywhere     Our neighbouring countries are getting curiouser and curiouser. Pakistan is determined to free Zia-ur Rahman Lakhvi who had masterminded the Mumbai attack in 2008 when some 165

Another flaw

We Pakistanis, among all other things, severely lack in reading. Poor reading habit results in poor knowledge. Only 27 percent of Pakistan’s total population reads. Most of the teenagers consider the word