Are you human?

Life can be just so beautiful if we stop complicating it “Jeevan me ziada rishte hona zaroori nahi hai, par jo rishte hain un me jeevan hona zaroori hai,” says my friend

Speak up for Gujranwala

Innocent people have been killed in our own backyard Last night Gunjranwala was Gaza. Seven-year-old Hira, her sister Kainat and 55-year-old Bashiran bibi were burned alive after a violent mob set fire

Invoking Article 245

Has the government thought it through? The way PML-N government is resolving matters rife with far reaching consequences raises questions. The decision to invoke Article 245 was taken by the prime minister

Shi’a kafir, sunni kafir

Fine ‘fort of Islam’ Pakistan turned out Sectarian assassinations, especially those targeting middle class workers, have become so frequent that it is a surprise that any sect, particularly minorities, has many learned

Invoking a countdown

Army should stay out and allow democracy to sort itself out   By invoking article 245 of the constitution and asking the armed forces to “act in aid of civil power when

Holy month of Ramazan

This was a unique month of Ramazan when unarmed innocent Palestinian men, women, elderly and children were mercilessly butchered, their mosques, schools, refugee camps and hospitals bombed, while rest of the Islamic

Subversion of the state

Nawaz Sharif should resign and face the law    “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” Prometheus in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow‘s poem “The Masque of Pandora” The history of Pakistan

When a spark fades

A dream dies too   Even in death, Pakistani American Harris Suleman has succeeded in his mission – promoting education for underprivileged children. Yet, in hindsight, a few points about the tragedy

White Lies

A “committee” from one of the upper circles of Lahori wives has been convened to pay for the services of a private detective agency to keep an eye on the – for