A questionable decision

The cat is finally out of the bag   Pakistan’s recently retired COAS joining a foreign military alliance is bound to generate controversy. Eyebrows were raised when rumours regarding the co-option of

Syed Zeeshan Haider

Afghan brethren

After the end of Soviet War in April 1988, the United Nations got Geneva Agreement signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to which the two countries would adopt the policy of non-interference

Trump calls court decision blocking revised travel ban 'judicial overreach'

Trump is an American Assad

  As one looks out onto the world stage one can clearly identify the arrival of a new leading politics, one that replaces globalising neoliberalism with aggressive nationalist populism. These circumstances have

Arif Nizami

A ‘secular’ Pakistan

Or more of the same?   Sharif, sharply in contrast to the perceived right wing ethos of the PML-N, recently attended a Holi festival in Karachi. On the occasion while extolling virtues

Today’s White Lies

Death, in certain cases, is not the great leveller. Forget what your local maulana Saheb has told you. We might have heard a lot about contingents of policemen and special guards surrounding

Water scarcity

And water wars   True, the Indus Waters Treaty has survived the worst moments of the relationship – including wars – but if it hasn’t been able to advance the dispute any