Let us be united!

Our political immaturity is going to cost us   Agitation-politics is trending in Pakistan which has serious economic and socio-political repercussions. It is true that Pakistan does not have a bright history

The Afghan tirade

And the need for cooperation   The Afghan Taliban have initiated their Spring Offensive with vicious attacks like the one in Kabul, killing over sixty. And the Afghan government and media have

Education failure

Sense of priorities   It is no longer surprising to come across statistics reflecting low official attention according to the education sector. That is why the latest report of the Institute of

Rabia Ahmed

The Moral Police

The so-called custodians of Islam: focusing exclusively on sex   From across the room the grouchy cat glares reproachfully at me. It is normally she who sits in this chair right under

Punjab Operation

Lacking clarity     Full points to the military for making quick work of the Chotu gang yet the controversy surrounding the so-called Punjab Operation so far is far from settled. And

Perils of confrontation

Going toe-to-toe with the opposition   Unwilling to accept the opposition’s offer for jointly formulating the TORs, the PMLN leadership is gearing up for a long and grueling fight which would be fought

Rape culture

It is painful to mention that rape culture is so common all over the world and yet is shameful to talk about in Pakistan, where gangs are raping the innocent citizens of our