Mian Abrar

Modi’s diplomatic fiasco

It is India that is getting isolated Perhaps the Modi administration miserably failed to comprehend the fast changing realities of Asia where China, Russia and Pakistan are coming closer to strike a

Dengue fever

Dengue fever seems to have launched full-fledge attacked on the people of Lahore. Cases of dengue fever are being reported from different localities quite regularly without any let up. Punjab’s Chief Minister

Not the time for Dar-isms

With PTI on war path, the ball is in the government’s court Ishaq Dar’s outburst yesterday was just another indication of the tension that’s mounting between the PTI and the government. What

White Lies

What goes around comes around with a 15-month sentence, it would appear. The Mazhar Mehmood a.k.a the Fake Shaikh, is set to go to the slammer for obstruction of justice by interfering

Peace on terror

Coming full circle, of sorts   All in all, the set of these three appears to be a big catch. Until you look a bit deeper within the insurgency only to find