The Khan and Raiwand

What next? After much deliberation the PTI has confirmed its march to Raiwand. What started out as a covert threat to Nawaz Sharif’s personal residence was toned down to a peaceful sit

Rabia Ahmed

A lighter shade of pink

Perception and filters Earlier this month a powerful tropical cyclone hit the Philippines and Taiwan before moving on to China. There, in the Fujian province of China it killed eighteen people leaving

Abdullah Humayun

After the Olympics

Should developing countries hold such mega events?     Every time a developing country hosts the Olympics, a singular questions dogs the process. Even as the curtain falls and gold, silver, bronze

Cut off one head…

The financial crackdown is a welcome first step While the military’s effort to combat terrorist and militant groups is to be lauded, it is obvious that that is only one aspect of

Zainab Fakhar

Art of the Past

The unheeded biggest black market   So valuable is the trade in stolen artworks – which includes, but is not limited to, ancient pieces – that it is now estimated to be

Arif Nizami

War clouds

Real or perceived?   Pakistan of course (justifiably so) denies any involvement in the Uri attack. But unfortunately there are few takers of Islamabad’s non-involvement in facilitating, dispatch and training of militants