Measuring Zarb-e-Azb

Time to take stock  The killing of four FC soldiers in Quetta on Wednesday would have called for a reevaluation of the Operation even if it were an isolated incident. But it

Waiting for the PM

Brace yourselves   Unmindful of the stiffening attitude of the opposition, the PML-N is reportedly fixated on arranging a historic welcome for the prime minister. Other reports tell of the PML-N leader

Merit Wins the Soul

  There is a famous saying: “…..merit wins the soul”. But unfortunately, Pakistan is country where patronage of corruption, nepotism and recommendation culture has become order of the day and there is no

More for Balochistan

Balochistan should have received priority in economic development much earlier than it is getting now. Today Baloch are backward in the jungle of education. The Balochistan are in the dark night and waiting

Increase in Crime

I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities the increasing problems of crimes and some measures to curtail this problem. There are multiple reasons behind the rapid increase


LCCI wants early construction of Kalabagh dam as reported in the Nation of June 28. Please note that reservoir level at maximum storage will be 25 feet below Nowshera and not 150

Repatriating Afghan refugees

Another six months   The decision by the KP government to crackdown on Afghan refugees afterJune 30 is inhuman, impolitic and against the federal government’s policy. The 15 lakh registered and presumably