Recent protests by Kashmiris for self-determination are faced with relentless atrocities by Indian army. Last week, clusters of youth popped out daringly to participate in Burhan’s funeral and overtly conveying a message

Traffic troubles

With the increasing population in Turbat, the traffic seems to be getting more and more problematic with each passing day. People from rural areas are increasingly settling in Turbat with the hope

A new CM for Sindh 

Who will take the mantle? Loyalty to the PPP leadership has been the most outstanding quality of the outgoing Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah. This explains why the PPP thrice entrusted him with

Rabia Ahmed

The spectre of Fethullah Gulen

Should education in Pakistan be held hostage to politics?     An often heard phrase when visiting Turkey is: ‘’Turkey, Pakistan, ‘brother brother’.’’ But Turkey, Pakistan’s brotherly neighbour is somewhat troubled these

Kuldip Nayar

Death, be not proud

Remembering Faraaz Hossain   As the memory of the massacre at Dhaka recedes, examples of bravery are coming to the fore. One of them is that of Faraaz Hossain. He was on a

Abbas Hasan

Marwan Barghouti

The illusion of peace negotiations in Palestine. The continually unfolding tragedy in Kashmir and the complete alienation of its youth there reminds us of another sometimes forgotten tragedy, namely that of Palestine.