Saleem A Sethi

Senate elections

The ravage continues     Even if one totally agrees that the concept of secret ballot should be done away with in order to ensure fairness and transparency, the latest diatribe of

Why all the noise?

Elections of the Upper House Elections, in our neck of the woods especially, tend to expose shortcomings of politicians more than highlighting their virtues. The rush for the Senate, for example, would

Beating the blind

Despicable This is the second time Punjab police has roughed up and baton charged blind protestors. And for those who thought some lessons were learnt when police beat up blind protestors as

Zarmina Hassan

A barrier to creativity

Teaching methodology in Pakistan Great nations aren’t formed by great leaders; they’re formed by great people. And education is necessary to make people great. It’s education that led the Western countries at

Zardari’s gambit

PTI will be isolated if it continued its path of agitative politics Asif Ali Zardari has returned to the centre stage of politics almost two years after his party suffered a debacle

Indian FS arrives, finally

What not to expect The run-up to the foreign secretary meeting has become interesting, at least. There was understandable concern, especially in the Pakistani media, whether the visit carried any intrinsic value

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Over a cup of tea

Reminiscing the rich culture we have   Reminiscing was an activity of our elders, or so I thought. It seems, however, that places change, not the reminiscing. Browsing through wedding pictures of

Zainab Fakhar

Tout est pardonné

Limitations of human rights?   The ever long debate of cultural relativism versus universality has thrown down the gauntlet to the legal experts and has entered the public discourse of international law

No to 22nd Amendment

Senate elections and PML-N’s mess With the PPP and JUI-F declining to support the proposed 22nd Amendment, the chapter on Senate elections by show of hand is closed for the time being.

India’s budget

Jaitley’s ‘quantum jump’ In a nut shell, India’s budget Saturday – rightly hailed as progressive inside the country and abroad – was mostly about removing barriers to investment in one of the

Kuldip Nayar

Moving closer

The problems Indian and Pakistan face Suppose India had lost the World Cup cricket match against Pakistan at Adelaide, the reaction among its people would have been that of disappointment and remorse.

White Lies

So the Horse and Cattle show is back. It must have been almost a decade since Sultan Golden jumped those cars, and Saleem broke through the chains hanging from a crane. Fortress