The Kashmir issue

Reviving Agra formula   Intelligence reports about the crowd estimate at public meetings in Srinagar were never optimistic. Therefore, the criticism that Prime Minister Modi drew only four thousand people is not

Street functions

In Pakistan whether it is a wedding or a funeral, tents are often used. Where these temporary structures suit one’s specific need and budget, they also cause catastrophic loss. The biggest menace

Media on massacre

The horrendous incident in the Army Public School on 16 Dec, 2014, would remain in our minds for quite some time. However, the media, both print and electronic, should resist from repeatedly

Lal Masjid issue

Bigger things at stake It is unfortunate that it took the Peshawar tragedy to finally unite the nation against the Taliban. Yet it is even more unfortunate that regressive elements continue to

After Peshawar

Too slow on the draw   There’s been some movement since Peshawar, but a lot more needs to be done, and a lot faster. Lifting the moratorium on the death penalty was

PTI-PML-N talks

Enough damage done Imran Khan has done what the PML-N had demanded to initiate fruitful talks. What one expects is a quid pro quo from the ruling PML-N. The entire country has

White Lies

Mian sb got some good advice despite the sombre backdrop of the APC in Peshawar. His old information minister Mushahid Hussain was there, and the prime minister’s long face did not escape

Dealing with terrorism

Nawaz faces the biggest challenge of his political life   The butchering of 135 schoolchildren in Peshawar by heartless terrorists has left Pakistani nation with no choice but to wage a united

Whitewashing CIA torture

“We are [not so] awesome” after all The logic that torture is a “stain” on US history is the heart of the problem, since it blocks an honest reading of whatever “values”

Women and politics

Obstacles to equal participation are deeply embedded in social and cultural patterns     A few decades back, the glass ceiling was considered to be the reason why the arenas of power