“Going by the book”

Nawaz Sharif’s penchant for committing political suicide is legendary   It is too early to call Dr Tahirul Qadri’s Islamabad sit-in or dharna a failure because he called it off or a

Tourism in Pakistan

A valuable source of revenue made victim of neglect   Pakistan is a blend of natural lush green valleys, meadows, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, islands, glaciers, lakes, forests, deserts and fauna. It is

LoC in crisis

Neither side can afford all-out war     Why is this time different? The resumption of hostilities has displaced an estimated 30,000 villagers, who have fled their border homes in anticipation of

White Lies

Dar sahib was in Washington recently. He’s used to gracing the IMF’s annual board meeting (Pakistan’s often in business with the Fund when he’s finance minister). And since he was in town,

The third attack

Security agencies caught napping again There is long list of moderate clerics who were killed by the TTP for their opposition to militancy and support for parliamentary politics. The dastardly attack on