Havoc in the Kingdom

Survival is the Saudi keyword Survival is the keyword to understand the Saudi dynasty’s latest external and internal policies. These are designed to pre-empt change but paradoxically they are creating more enemies

Back from the brink

Better sense seems to have prevailed – for now   Instead of the civilian and military leadership embarking upon a suicidal path of mutually assured destruction, hopefully better sense has prevailed –

Battling for absolute control

Consumed with anger and hatred, a prime minister falters gravely   “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” –Voltaire First, a small narrative of the depths this

A vote for jobs

This election is about India’s revival, and that is why the young are voting for change     Where did it all begin to go wrong for the UPA government? The precise

Fruits of Pakistan’s democracy

Is civilian dictatorship preferable to other forms of dictatorship?     Nawaz’s move to ‘consult’ with Asif Zardari on ‘important national issues’ – while the ruling party carefully stokes civ-mil tension even

Rising or falling?

Pakistan’s rise at the moment is being tempered by other factors     Like Pakistan, Greece entered or re-entered the international bond market with a Euro 3 billion ($4.1 billion) offering. This