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Rabia Ahmed

A powerful platform

Is social media threatening? It used to be the province of the people’s representatives to disseminate the point of view of governments, political regimes – and of the people of the countries

Rabia Ahmed

The eye of the augur

Of Augurs and Haruspexes and Dying Airlines   There will come a time when the Houbara Bustard will become extinct. Driven by frustration and unable to think of a another way of

Rabia Ahmed

The great game of Islamabad

It’s a case of shortsightedness There are some things you simply cannot do, such as forcing your country’s capital to shut down, or preventing people from assembling to protest. Well you can,

Rabia Ahmed

May peace be upon you

 ‘’War does not determine who is right, only who is left.’’ Bertrand Russell   On Thursday, Indian forces opened fire across the LoC (Line of Control). Pakistani media reported the event by

Rabia Ahmed

A lighter shade of pink

Perception and filters Earlier this month a powerful tropical cyclone hit the Philippines and Taiwan before moving on to China. There, in the Fujian province of China it killed eighteen people leaving