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Weekly SPI increases by 0.53pc

The rise in prices of kitchen items including chicken, beef, mutton, sugar, wheat flour, rice, onion and fresh milk has pushed up the weekly food inflation by 0.53 percent to 16.65 in

Food export increases by 25.55pc

ISLAMABAD – Export of food group, during the last nine months of current financial year, has registered an increase of 25.55 percent compared to the same period of last financial year. Food commodities, worth $3.083 billion, were exported during the period from July to March 2010-11 as against $2.455 billion in the year 2009-10, said figures released by the Federal Bureau of Statistic on Tuesday.
Export of basmati rice increased by 4.67 percent during the period under review, as

Hydroelectric generation increases by 3.2b units

LAHORE – The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has generated 3.2 billion additional units of hydroelectricity during the period July 2010 to March 2011 compared with the corresponding period of last year. This increased generation was triggered by greater water availability in reservoirs, in addition to efficient operation and management of hydropower stations, said a press release issued by WAPDA.
This contribution of low-cost hydroelectricity, by WAPDA, to the