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Punjab govt, doctors fail to hammer out compromise

LAHORE – The Punjab government failed to convince the young doctors to withdraw their strike and road blockades near the hospitals and medical colleges on Wednesday.
A high-level meeting headed by the Senior Adviser to Chief Minister Sardar Zulfiqar Khoosa was called by the Punjab government at 90 Shahrah-e-Qaid-e-Azam to convince young doctors and medical associations to end their strike.
Rawalpindi Medical College Principal Afzal Farooqui, Allama Iqbal Medical College

Obama urges compromise on US budget

WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama, on Saturday, urged Republican and Democratic lawmakers to reach a compromise on pending budget issues to avoid political gridlock and a possible federal government shutdown.”For the sake of our people and our economy, we cannot allow gridlock to prevail,” Obama said.
He noted that both Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate have said they believed it was important to keep the government running while they worked on a plan

No compromise on country’s dignity in Davis’ case: Gilani

ISLAMABAD – Declaring issue of Raymond Davis sub-judice, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday reaffirmed his government’s resolve not to compromise on the country’s sovereignty and dignity, saying Pakistan did not agree with the United States on interpretation of laws pertaining to diplomatic immunity.
In his first policy statement on this issue on the floor of the National Assembly, the prime minister said the government was aware of the people’s sentiments. “My

Heirs of Raymond’s victims swear not to compromise

LAHORE – The families of three deceased young men, who became victims of American National Raymond Davis and his friend’s killing spree in Qartaba Chowk located near Mozang Area on Jan 27, have completely refused to accept any compensation less than death sentence to the culprits.
Faheem’s family showed their aggressions to the US Government by refusing to allow the American Consulate to fix a meeting with American Senator John Kerry, who wanted to express grief on Faheem’s