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Waqas A Khan

America, a selfish friend

Pakistan’s perspective     As the 16th anniversary of 9\11 neared, President Donald Trump had to revise his policy towards Afghanistan. It was surprisingly more about Pakistan and less about Afghanistan as

Waqas A Khan

Cruel MCAT and ECAT

Kicking the Eligible   The idea of making MCAT and ECAT the pre-requisite for the admissions in the medical colleges and universities is utterly useless and worthless when there are already FSc

Waqas A Khan

Game shows

Silent morale killers Television is one of the most modern methods of mass media communication which eventually has an enormous impact on the society. Unfortunately, the community itself stays unaware of the

Waqas A Khan

Revolutionising the IT Industry

Where are the 583,013 imaginary taxpayers?   Pakistan has the third-largest army of freelancers on; its workforce is the fifth-most on None of these skilled professionals is interested in paying

Waqas A Khan

Is Urdu losing the race?

Current state of computational linguistics in Pakistan   In so much “suffering” the development of Urdu as a language of future can only be a dream. Our character order is incomplete even