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Media Watch: Cobragate

It was quite a sting operation. New Indian news outfit Cobrapost has caused quite a tumult in the Indian entertainment industry by covertly recording conversations with Bollywood celebrities where the latter were

Media Watch: Defining ‘indecency’

 Pemra‘ s directive to private television channels not to air “indecent content” was bound to be taken apart. By the conservatives, because this was a too-little-too-late, and by the liberals, because of

Media Watch: Eat the rich

The Press Information Department’’s twitter handle ( @pid_gov ) is, in effect, the official twitter account of the Government of Pakistan. One wonders why, then, those managing the account feel the need

Media Watch: Collapse?

This is the worst times in terms of press censorship in the country’s recent history. Any discussion on the media has to be prefaced with this statement, till even this lukewarm assertion