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India’s ASAT test

Focus of space program shifting towards national security applications By Shirin Naseer Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a televised address on March 27 to announce the successful conduct of India’s anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test.

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The MbS visit

Some things override all other considerations The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia His Highness Muhammad bin Salman is due in Pakistan on February 16th on a two-day visit. Pakistan

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Spy VS Spy

Kulbushan Yadav is a serving officer in the Indian Navy. He was arrested while on a false passport that identified him as ‘Patel’. After his arrest he confessed to being an agent

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The Growth Story

The World Bank in a recent report, “Global Economic Prospects; Weak Investment in Uncertain Times”, has revised Pakistan’s growth rate to 5.2 per cent for FY 2017, and 5.5 per cent for