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Tax amnesty results

Challenges faced and follow-up required With the deadline for declaring undisclosed assets, sales and expenditures under the Asset Declaration Ordinance 2019 (commonly referred to as Tax Amnesty scheme) being over, it’s time

Omer Zaheer Meer

Fiscal reforms needed

Key taxation trends in Pak in need of reform With the ongoing budget debate, there is increased focus on the need for fiscal reforms to be achieved chiefly by a turnaround in

Omer Zaheer Meer

Avail the amnesty

And sleep peacefully The PM’s Counsel: In a pre-recorded message released on social media and elsewhere, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the nation, said that only one percent of the 220

Omer Zaheer Meer

Past facts and the path forward

Amnesties past and present The first tax amnesty scheme in Pakistan was launched under Ayub in 1958. It resulted in a collection of approximately Rs1.12 billion, ($0.24 billion approximately) and 71,289 people

Azadi and inqilab marches

Game over? Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) announced its million march towards Islamabad for August 14, calling it the Azadi or freedom march whereas Shiekh-ul-Islam, ‘Allama’ Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Minhaj-ul-Quran (MUQ) cum Pakistan Awami Tehreek

Azadi march

Sane heads should prevail, or the fallout can be disastrous     Once again Imran Khan takes a stand that will take serious convincing for many even within his ranks to go