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The Indicators

As global leadership evolves, so must we Certain unexpected events occurred in 2016. Britain was jolted by ‘Brexit’. This started introvert-looking nationalism. The entire world was stunned by the decisive defeat of

Khurshid Akhtar Khan

Look to the future

And not in the past Americans waited for seven hours before notifying the Pakistani authorities of their unauthorized intrusion into their airspace without permission or prior intimation and bombing a valuable target.

Khurshid Akhtar Khan

Visit to India – II

A Shining India and a not so Shining India   Since my last article, a reportedly cordial and constructive bilateral meeting of Pakistan and India national security advisors and foreign secretaries was

Khurshid Akhtar Khan

Visit to India

An immense country with huge potential, and so is Pakistan   Pakistan and India have such a love-hate relationship that when their prime ministers even just shake hands or sit side by