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The impact of words

Beyond meaning and time Often without realising the power words hold and their impact go far beyond their meaning and time, leading to consequences that often leave a deep scar on the

Symbolic acts

Influencing generations The modern day Republic of Turkey’s founder, and leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, whereas can and has been criticised by many across the Muslim world for transforming Turkey from a country

To the table, finally!

But who brought whom? After almost two decades of war, with thousands of lives lost on all sides, and billions of dollars spent, has the world’s super power came to the realisation

The democratic duel

Is the government in peril? Moving into the third month of governance, the PTI led government finds itself facing an opposition bracing for a duel, attempting to unite under the grand umbrella

India’s worst nightmare

Peace with Pakistan? Finding itself in the midst of horrendous challenges, peace with Pakistan apparently tops the list as one that haunts India the most till date. With hostility being the defining

The austerity drive

A bane or boon for economic progression? In an aberration to the associated U-turns, for now, the PTI led government apparently seems more than committed in staying true to at least one

Defiance of merit

A rule prevalent in Naya Pakistan too? Merit based appointments and placements are the most basic yet a key human resource proposition for business and organisational success worldwide. This principle, however, is

Khan’s A-Team

Merit must prevail To quote Kapil Dev, PM-designate Imran Khan’s past cricketing counterpart from across the border: “Irrespective of any political party, I am a supporter of good people who want to

Needles in a haystack

Is there a place for them in Naya Pakistan? “Naya Pakistan will be based on, and driven by, merit,” stated Fawad Chaudhry in his press conference at Bani Gala on August 04, 2018.