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Hafsa Khawaja

Far from a conclusion

“…and ideas are bullet proof.” Mirrored by a decline in the number of terrorist attacks and incidences and the restoration of a semblance of law and order, Pakistan’s fight against terrorism has

Hafsa Khawaja

Crumbling credibility

Why there is no democratic civilian ascendency     26thNovember marks a month since the recent natural disaster struck Pakistan. With a staggering magnitude of 7.5 the earthquake ripped through the northern

Complicit in their abuse

Twisted notions of honour and shame   The revelation of what is being called the country’s largest child abuse case has struck as a horrific nightmare. Two-hundred and ninety children abused in

Hafsa Khawaja

A long, difficult path

PTI has helped muddle up the distinction between the state and the government   It’s been over a month since the dharnas came to the capital. And although Imran Khan warns of

Hafsa Khawaja

At the cost of Pakistan

PTI’s politics is more about Khan than the country   Embroiled in a war at home and a plethora of political, economic and national crises, Pakistan is nearing a tumultuous 67th year

Hafsa Khawaja

A forgotten hero

Sir Zafarullah Khan and the tragedy of Palestine and Pakistan     “This is a solemn moment, solemn in the history of the world, in the history of this great — let

Hafsa Khawaja

The real Malala drama

It is nothing but an exposé of the Pakistani society and nation itself One would reckon that a shot in the head of a 15-year-old girl advocating education, against the agenda of

Hafsa Khawaja

System or individual?

Our political messiah fixation A chapter of a survey released in July 2012 by PEW, spanning six predominantly Muslim countries – Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia – shows that majorities