Singer Malikoo withdraws request for removal of his name from PNIL list

LAHORE: Singer Muhammad Ashraf, known as Malikoo, has reversed his decision to seek removal of his name from the PNIL (Provisional National Identification List), withdrawing his earlier application filed in the Lahore High Court (LHC).

Initially, Malikoo had petitioned the court to delist his name from the PNIL, but he has now submitted a separate application requesting the court to withdraw his initial plea.

In his latest petition, Malikoo expressed his desire to retract his request for removal from the PNIL, urging the Lahore High Court to approve his withdrawal.

Meanwhile, Advocate Azhar Siddique, who had represented Malikoo in court pro bono, has officially terminated his legal representation of the singer.

The development marks a shift in Malikoo’s legal strategy regarding his status on the PNIL, a matter that has attracted public attention in recent weeks. The Lahore High Court is expected to review Malikoo’s withdrawal request in the coming sessions.


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