On World Health Day, Punjab CM reiterates commitment to equitable healthcare access for all

LAHORE: On World Health Day, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz amplifies the importance of prioritizing public health and wellness, recognizing that individual’s health is fundamental to societal prosperity.

She emphasizes the need for everyone to understand the value of their well-being. “It is very important for everyone to understand the importance of their health,” said the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Maryam Nawaz asserts that personal health choices not only impact individuals but also resonate within their families and communities. “An individual’s health is not only a personal matter but affects the entire family,” stated Maryam Nawaz.

In her commitment to equitable healthcare access, Maryam Nawaz announces initiatives to ensure that every citizen can avail themselves of essential medical services.

Additionally, she advocates for promoting awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, urging people to embrace nutritious diets and simpler living for their overall health.

Under the vision of “Sehatmand Punjab,” significant strides are being made in health reform within the province. Maryam Nawaz reveals substantial investments allocated to public health resources, including the establishment of Punjab’s inaugural government cancer hospital in Lahore and the forthcoming

The Chief Minister said that an air ambulance service will be started, and Punjab’s first official Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Cancer Hospital will be built in Lahore while Nawaz Sharif Cardiology Hospital was being built in Sargodha.

She said that supply of free medicines in government hospitals has started, and their free delivery at patients’ doorsteps will also start soon.

She explained that upgradation of 2500 Basic Health Units (BHUs) and 300 Rural Health Centers (RHCs) has been initiated while 32 field hospitals are also being started to provide health facilities in remote areas. The CM said that a program of 200 Clinics on wheels has been launched for the provision of treatment facilities to slum dwellers in the province.
Maryam vowed to fulfil the goal of building three medical cities in South, Central and North Punjab.


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