PTI rejects inquiry commission on judges’ letter, seeks CJP, Chief Justice IHC resignation

  • Raoof Hasan dubs commission a ‘judicial surrender’
  • Panjutha highlights injustices committed by Justice Aimir Farooq with Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) categorically rejected the formation of an inquiry commission to investigate the letter of six judges of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) detailing the intelligence agencies’ meddling in judicial matters, demanding the resignation of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justice IHC for their inaction to safeguard the independence of judiciary and judges.

Addressing a press conference along with senior PTI legal team Shoaib Shaheen, Niazullah Niazi and Naeem Haider Panjutha on Friday, PTI Central Information Secretary said that the judges of the IHC clearly stated in their startling letter that they repeatedly raised the issue before the Chief Justice IHC Aamir Farooq and even apprised the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court detailing about the interference in the affairs of the judiciary and pressure exerted on them to get decisions of their choice.

“What is happening in front of us is judicial surrender, as the judiciary itself is selling its independence to the executive,” he added.

Apart from Chief Justice IHC, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had also been nominated in the letter; therefore expecting justice from these persons was tantamount to murder of justice, constitution and law, he added.

He noted that Chief Justice IHC was complicit in the crime; hence he remained silent and did not take any action in this regard.

Raoof stated that all these unlawful activities were taken place when Shahbaz Sharif was the Prime Minister, thus it would be murder of law and justice to expect fair and transparent conduct of investigation because how the so-called planted Prime Minister could determine whether or not he was guilty.

PTI CIS categorically stated that PTI vehemently rejected the reject the inquiry commission and they would take every step within the constitution and law to ensure independence of the judiciary come what may.

Cameras were installed at people’s bedrooms how they would do justice it was the murder of the law and justice

Speaking on the occasion, Shoaib Shaheen said that the letter written by IHC judges was a tragic chapter in the history of Pakistan.

He stated that they penned down details of their accounts as how they were pressurized and their family members were harassed, cameras were installed in the bedrooms of the judges and bugging devices were fixed inside their homes and even close relatives were kidnapped and given electric shocks.

Shoaib went on to say that PTI leaders including women, workers and youth had been facing the same cruelties and barbarities for the two years in the name of May 9.

Imran Khan repeatedly said that if the real mastermind of May 9 incident was to be caught, then watch the CCTV footages of IHC, GHQ Rawalpindi and Corps Commander House.

“We have repeatedly requested for the establishment of a judicial commission, but till today neither the CCTV footages could be presented nor the commission was constituted,” he added.

He went on to say that the conspiracy to dismantle PTI was started before May 9, adding that if families of judges were not safe from the tyranny, what to talk of PTI workers.

Shoaib asked will a retired judge be able to provide justice to 6 judges. He demanded that 15 judges of the apex court should sit to conduct an independent and transparent inquiry into the letter saga, adding that PTI would no longer accept closed-room decisions.

He further demanded that the minutes of the full court meetings should be released to find out which judge said what. “We totally reject the inquiry commission,” Shoaib added. He went on to say that a society without justice could not make progress.

Speaking on the occasion, Niazullah Niazi said that the judges’ letter fully exposed that the entire system of the country was paralyzed in toto.

He lamented that neither Chief Justice Aamir Farooq nor Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa took any action on the letter, adding that a law of jangle prevailed in the country.

PTI leader demanded that Chief Justice IHC and Chief Justice of Pakistan should tender resignation immediately because they failed in protecting the independence of judiciary.

Niazi announced that PTI would kick-start an effective and rigorous movement for restoration of independence of judiciary, as they always stood by the legal fraternity in the fight of supremacy of constitution and upholding of rule of law in the country.

He recalled: “CJP tied our hands and feet and pushed us into the electoral arena but even people voted PTI and Imran Khan.”

However, PTI leader stated that they were deprived of their mandate in daylight polls robbery.

Earlier, Naeem Haider Panjutha gave detailed overview of the cases of Imran Khan and the injustices committed by of Chief Justice IHC with the PTI Chairman.

He said that on one hand contempt of court case was filed against Imran Khan in the case of Judge Ziba Chaudhry but on the other judges were openly threatened, but no contempt of court action was taken against anyone hitherto.

Similarly, he recalled that no FIR was registered for the murderous attack on Imran Khan in Wazirabad and despite expressing no trust on judge Humayun Dilawar, the Toshakhana case was repeatedly referred to him, adding that operation was lasted for 26 hours in Zaman Park to arrest Imran Khan but Justice Amir Farooq remained silent.

Panjutha reminded that on March 28, 2023, PTI workers were attacked and baton-charged during Imran Khan’s appearance in judicial complex but instead of taking action against the attackers, false and fabricated cases were made against Imran Khan and his workers, adding that despite the murderous attack on Imran Khan, no decision could be taken till date on the request to provide him security.

Moreover, PTI leader stated that on May 9, Imran Khan was forced to go to the Biometric Office of the court despite his injured leg because a plan was made to abduct him by the Rangers.

Likewise, Panjutha recalled that the Chief Justice remained tightlipped when police smashed the doors of PTI Founding Chairman’s home to detain him on August 5 in Toshakhana case and subsequently taken him to Attock Jail.

He said that Qazi Faiz Isa had not provided a level playing field to PTI despite the request while court-convicted Nawaz Sharif was declared eligible.

Pnajutha stated that the JCP snatched electoral symbol of bat and reserved seats from PTI, adding that no action was taken Sikandar Sultan Raja for violating the constitution of not holding election within the stipulated 90 days.

He went on to say that no action was taken on the request to form a judicial commission to investigate the cipher so far.


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