Keep me in prison but release other PTI leaders, says Imran

  • PTI founder urges CJP to form judicial commission to investigate May 9 incidents

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder and former prime minister Imran Khan expressed his willingness on Tuesday to remain in jail while urging authorities to release other leaders of his party.

Speaking to the media during the hearing of the £190 million reference, Imran again urged Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa to hear PTI’s May 25 petition and form a judicial commission to investigate the May 9 incidents.

“There has been no inquiry on the incidents so far,” stressed Imran and added that “concealing” information is also a crime.

“A political party is being eliminated based on the May 9 incidents,” said the PTI founder.

Advocating for a comprehensive investigation of the February 8 elections, Imran demanded scrutiny, questioning the legitimacy of the Election Commission Pakistan (ECP) to conduct inquiries amidst allegations of rigging.

In a plea for fairness, Imran urged authorities to consider releasing other PTI leaders while he remains incarcerated, stating, “If you want to keep me in jail, keep me but release the others.”

He cited the health concerns of party leaders such as Dr. Yasmeen, Mehmoodul Rashid, Alia Hamza, Ijaz Chaudhry, and Umar Cheema.

Touching upon national security matters, Imran referred to revelations made during a National Security Committee (NSC) meeting, noting Asad Majeed’s identification of a ‘potential’ threat.

He underscored the significance of reassessing Donald Lu’s statement, suggesting that it could have implications warranting further investigation, particularly regarding the involvement of the US Embassy.

He questioned why Pakistan’s alleged cypher breach wasn’t subject to investigation, pointing out that the original cypher resides in the Foreign Office. He mentioned that they were provided with a summarized version.

Regarding security protocols, he emphasized that the PM isn’t solely responsible for safeguarding the cypher, but rather it’s a shared responsibility within the office.

Imran also expressed frustration over receiving three sentences in just five days, recalling a warning from a TV anchor about his expected conviction by February 5. He wished for his court hearings to be broadcast live.

Additionally, the PTI founder commented on remarks made by Rana Sanaullah, likening them to typical tactics used by ‘political mafias’. He highlighted the need for fair political competition, particularly in Punjab, where he noted difficulties in meeting with the parliamentary leader.


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