Lucknow court rejects Muslim side’s petition in Teele Wali Masjid case

LUCKNOW: The Muslims have faced a setback as their appeal in the case pertaining to the historic Teele Wali Masjid filed by Hindus has been dismissed by the upper court in the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh state.

According to Kashmir Media Service, both the Court of Additional District Sessions and the Court of First Instance rejected the Muslim side’s revision plea in Lucknow. The case filed by the Hindu side was deemed non-maintainable by the Muslim party.

The Muslim side’s petition challenging the maintainability of the case was rejected and the court upheld the trial’s legitimacy, paving the way for the case to proceed in the lower court. Following this decision by the upper court, the case will now be transferred back to the lower court for further proceedings. The decision marks a pivotal moment in the legal battle surrounding the historic site.

The controversy revolves around the mound mosque with the Hindu side claiming its rights over the area known as Lakshman Tila.

Hindutva outfit named Hindu Mahasabha spokesperson, Shishir Chaturvedi, hailed the court’s decision as a significant triumph for Hindus. He claimed that the Muslim community had converted the site into a mosque, depriving Hindus of their right to worship and claiming ownership over the temple.

Chaturvedi stated that the case will now proceed in the lower court. He also highlighted that following the Ayodhya verdict, efforts are being made to reclaim other Sanatani heritage sites such as Mathura, Kashi, Laxman Tila, Taj Mahal, and Qutub Minar.


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