‘Mother of all rigging’ made Pakistan a laughing stock globally, says Imran

RAWALPINDI: PTI’s founder Imran Khan has said that the “mother of all rigging” must end now because Pakistan has become a laughing stock globally, Aleema Khan quoted her brother as saying.

While speaking to the media outside Adiala Jail, where Imran is incarcerated, Aleema Khan said that her brother wanted the culture of impunity to end and the mandate of the people must be respected to salvage the country’s reputation internationally.

When asked what exactly does he mean by “mother of all rigging”?, she said that it was dismantling the PTI, snatching its iconic election symbol of bat, not allowing the party’s candidates to submit nomination papers, coercing candidates into withdrawing from elections and denying the party the right to canvass.

Imran also ridiculed his arch nemesis, the PML-N, which willingly bartered away its narrative to grab power. “Instead of honouring the vote, the ‘selected ones’ have honoured the boot,” Aleema quoted Imran.

“The selection was so blatant and blind that corruption cases were dropped by the selectors against the ‘selected ones’,” she further stated quoting her brother.

“Instead the PTI chairman was sentenced to 32 years in jail after marathon trials on trumped up charges.”

Imran said that pre-poll, election day, and post-election rigging denied the people of Pakistan their democratic right to choose their representatives.

“On the voting day, the internet was shut down, leaving people perplexed. But when it did not work, post-poll rigging was carried out at night by brazenly changing the results by ignoring Form 45,” he added.

The incarcerated PTI chairman also referred to the Rawalpindi commissioner who in a recent damning video confession admitted to rigging the election for the PML-N.

“Not just one commissioner, there are many more who have ample evidence of rigging, but they have been silenced,” he said while fearing that the commissioner would be subjected to physical torture.


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