IHC suspends success notification of all Islamabad constituencies

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) divisional bench comprising Justice Mian Gul Hassan and Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir on Monday suspended the notification of winning candidates from Islamabad’s constituencies NA-46, 47 and 48 and ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to decide petitions of losing PTI candidates.

Shoaib Shaheen from NA 47 lost to Tariq Fazal of PML-N, Ali Bukhari from NA 48 lost to Khurram Nawaz, PML-N backed IPP candidate and Amir Mughal from NA 46 lost to Anjum Aqeel Khan of PML-N. PTI candidates filed the petitions at ECP but notifications were issued for the winning candidates.

Shoaib Shaheen argued before the court that he collected Form 45 of 380 polling stations out of 387 polling stations. According to Form 45, I’ve collected I was winning from more than 50000 margin. I was denied allowed to enter on RO office but was later kicked out and results were changed.

Ali Bukhari argued before ethe court that I wasn’t allowed by the rangers to enter inside RO office. My lead was also changed in provisional form 47 which was alter issued by the RO. Similarly, Counsel of Amir Mughal told the court that our results were changed by the RO and our lead was changed into deficit.

After listening the arguments court ordered to suspend the notification and directed ECP to hear petitions of candidates.


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