Broiler chicken prices skyrocket in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The price of broiler chicken meat has skyrocketed in Rawalpindi, defying government-mandated rates. Shopkeepers have rejected the official price of Rs 324 per kg, instead selling live chickens at Rs 350 and chicken meat at a staggering Rs 500 or more on Sunday.

This dramatic increase comes amidst a broader inflation crisis gripping Pakistan. The Statistical Institute reports an annual inflation rate of 42%, but many citizens believe the true figure is much higher, closer to 50-60%.

This surge in inflation is having a devastating impact on the cost of basic necessities, particularly food items. The Market Committee Lahore recently increased the prices of 10 vegetables, further burdening already struggling households.

The soaring price of chicken, a staple protein source for many Pakistanis, is a particularly hard blow. Consumers are forced to choose between sacrificing essential dietary needs or cutting back on other vital expenses.

The government has faced mounting pressure to address the inflation crisis. While some initiatives have been introduced, they have largely failed to provide significant relief to the population.


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