Long-awaited issuance of e-passports begins

ISLAMABAD: The long-awaited issuance of e-passports in Pakistan has finally commenced, marking a significant milestone in the country’s passport modernization efforts. Initially, the e-passport facility will be available for diplomatic and government officials, with plans to gradually expand to the general public in the near future, says in media reports.

The introduction of e-passports is expected to streamline the immigration process and enhance security measures. Passengers holding e-passports will be able to clear immigration through designated e-gates or smart gates, significantly reducing processing times and queues.

To facilitate the adoption of e-passports, the government has announced the fees for different e-passport categories. For a five-year 36-page e-passport, the normal fee is Rs 9,000, while the urgent fee is Rs 15,000. Similarly, the normal fee for a ten-year 36-page e-passport is Rs 13,500, with the urgent fee set at Rs 22,500.

For those opting for a 72-page e-passport, the normal fee for a five-year validity period is Rs 15,000, and the urgent fee is Rs 27,000. The normal fee for a ten-year 72-page e-passport is Rs 24,750, while the urgent fee is Rs 40,500.

The introduction of e-passports is a welcome development that will modernize Pakistan’s passport system and facilitate smoother travel for its citizens. With the planned installation of e-gates at major international airports, the immigration process is expected to become more efficient and convenient for passengers holding e-passports.


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