Smog ‘reducing’ average age of Lahoriites by 7 years annually

LAHORE: The ‘city of gardens’, Lahore, is reeling from the latest spell of heavy smog. The city has steadily maintained the record for being the most polluted city this year as well.

As a result, the average annual age of its inhabitants is not only decreasing by six to seven years, but for children getting out in this atmosphere, it is like smoking 30 cigarettes a day.

These revelations have been made in a research, published by the University of Chicago, according to which the average age of the people of Lahore has started to decrease. It further says that the average life of people of the city is decreasing by seven years every year.

The report also claims that for children, ingesting the current pollution levels is equivalent to smoking 30 cigarettes a day.

According to the Environment Department, the air quality index of 200 is considered normal. The index levels between 200 and 300 start causing irritation in the eyes, while if the AQI reaches the level of 400 to 500, it is deemed extremely dangerous.

If the AQI crosses the level of 500, it affects even healthy people, and the level of smog has increased by more than 500 in different areas of Lahore these days.

The rising levels of smog every day have also exposed the official claims of keeping a check on it.

Environment Director Naseem Shah said that since 2015, smog has been getting worse with each passing year, and the government needs to do more than making tall claims.


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