Textbook mistakes

Textbooks published by the Balochistan Textbook Board (BTBB) meant for various classes are taught in many federal institutions as well because they are actually good. It is unfortunate, however, that there are some flaws, particularly in IX grade textbooks. For instance, English adjectives are used as adverbs. The IX grade biology textbook has several blunders. On page 64, Robert Brown is said to have discovered nucleus in 1831, whereas on the very next page the text says it happened in 1833. The former is correct, by the way.

On page 66, while differentiating prokaryotes and eukaryotes, the text says that prokaryotic cells lack nuclear membrane around the nucleus. In reality, prokaryotes have no nucleus. Likewise, non-organelles and organelles have been differentiated wrongly on page 67.

The BTBB administration needs to rectify such mistakes without any delay.



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