High prices of commodities irk residents

ISLAMABAD: The price of petrol and other petroleum products has increased drastically, and this has had a knock-on effect on the prices of daily-use items in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Food prices have increased in the open market, with potatoes selling at Rs 82 to 106 per kg, onions at Rs 85 to 110 per kg, tomatoes at Rs 90 to 100 per kg, garlic at Rs 430 to 580 per kg, and ginger at Rs 1300 per kg.

Turnip is being sold at Rs 150 per kg, Arvi at Rs 158 per kg, green chilies at Rs 137 and capsicum at Rs 180 per kg. Lemon is available at Rs 205 per kg, brinjal at Rs 93, bitter gourd at Rs 96 to 128 per kg, and zucchini at Rs 85 to 130 per kg. Tenda is available at Rs 157 and cucumber at Rs 130 per kg, spinach at Rs 36 to 40 and gourd at Rs 108 per kg.

In fruits, banana is fetching Rs 160 per dozen and peach Rs 264 to 310 per kg. Grapes are fetching Rs 357 per kg, apples Rs 220 to 350, and golden apples Rs 150 to 200 per kg.

Live chicken is selling at Rs 380 per kg while meat is selling at Rs 580 to 600 per kg.
In Sunday and convenience markets, the rates are slightly lower but the quality of the items is not good. Citizens have said that inflation has broken the back and that the government should provide relief.



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