4 Police Officers Shot Dead In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, On Sunday, four policemen, including a Senior Officer were shot dead at a heavily fortified security area, and 2 security officials reported that 21 other forces got injured by the shooting at the National Security Headquarters in El-Arish, i.e; the Capital City Of North Sinai Province.

Moreover, it was observed by the Associated Press that not only did the forces suffer from gunshots, but some were even victims of breathing difficulties due to the tear gas that they were exposed to. Furthermore, 8 of these officers that were severely wounded expressed this news anonymously, since they didn’t have authority over the media. Therefore, nobody knows the real reason behind such an outbreak, and neither did the Interior Ministry, which oversees the police force, pass any comments relating to this catastrophic incident.

However, if we delve into the history of North Sinai, so we will find out that there has been a battle going on for the past year between the Islamist militants and the Christian forces. But, we still have some hope regarding the law and order situation in Sinai, because ever since 2018, the number of militant attacks on the Christian forces has decreased in number since the militiary has launched a massive operation in Sinai and other parts of the Nile Delta, as well as desert areas along the country’s Western Borders with Libya.



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