Fight Force sets to host kickboxing tournament in Dubai with India V Pakistan happening again

LAHORE: Fight Force, a renowned combat sports promoter, is pleased to announce that applications are now open for Pakistani kickboxers to participate in the highly anticipated Four Nations Grand Prix. This prestigious tournament will bring together the best fighters from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, offering a platform for Pakistani kickboxing talent to shine on the international stage. The Four Nations Grand Prix is a groundbreaking event that aims to promote the growth of kickboxing and foster healthy competition among these four nations. This tournament provides an opportunity for Pakistani fighters to showcase their skills, represent their country, and potentially make a name for themselves in the world of combat sports.

“Seeing the youth engaging in Sports and bringing a positive impact to the community gives me immense pleasure in supporting such initiatives, as it helps the next generation avoid bad habits such as drug abuse, and puts them on the right path of achieving their dreams,” said the Chairman of Adam Global, Professor Tahir Akhtar, a doctorpreneur who is originally from Pakistan but is now a multi-award leading Medical Professional based in the UK, and owns the largest Worldwide Platform of Providers of Quality Professional Services from Accredited and Regulated Professionals around the world.

Notably, the founders of Fight Force have previously organised a historic India vs. Pakistan professional kickboxing competition in Dubai. The event witnessed an incredible knockout victory by Pakistani fighter Abdullah Shakeel Chandio, who impressed audiences by defeating his Indian opponent in just 20 seconds into the second round. This remarkable achievement propelled Abdullah Shakeel Chandio to further success, leading him to settle in Dubai and advance his career in kickboxing.The success of the India vs. Pakistan event, along with Fight Force’s commitment to promoting combat sports, has paved the way for the Four Nations Grand Prix.

Fight Force recognizes the immense talent and potential among Pakistani kickboxers and is dedicated to providing them with a platform to compete against top fighters from other countries. Applications are Now Open for Four Nations Grand Prix – Showcasing Pakistani Kickboxing Talent.

Fight Force invites all aspiring Pakistani kickboxers to seize this golden opportunity and participate in the Four Nations Grand Prix. By submitting their applications, fighters will have a chance to showcase their skills, gain international exposure, and be part of an event that celebrates the spirit of combat sports.


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