China’s Henan province provides 9,000 food packages for flood-hit people of Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: Continuing their support for the victims of the devastating 2022 floods in Pakistan, the people of China’s Henan province generously donated 9,000 food packages to be distributed among the affected individuals in 25 districts of Balochistan.

To commemorate this gesture, a ceremony took place in Quetta, attended by Balochistan’s Home Minister, Meer Zia Ullah Langau, who is also in charge of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).

Dignitaries from China participated in the event via video link, as reported by the PDMA, Gwadar Pro reported.

PDMA has already initiated the distribution of the food packages, which include essentials like wheat flour, ghee, sugar, and pulses, among the affected population.

On June 5, PDMA announced that it had distributed ration packages provided by China in the remote district of Kohlu. These packages were specifically given to the impoverished, disabled, destitute, and deserving individuals in flood-hit areas such as Kunal, Jeoni, Manjhra, and others, according to the PDMA.

The food packages were donated by the people of Henan province as a heartfelt gesture to strengthen the sister provinces’ relationship, which was established in 2021.

China’s aid to the flood-affected people of Pakistan has surpassed $90 million thus far, showcasing their ongoing commitment to support those in need.


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