Vaccination begins to protect sheep, goats against Enterotoxemia disease

MULTAN: The livestock department launched a special vaccination campaign in order to protect sheep and goats from infectious and deadly diseases on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Director Livestock Dr Jamshed Akhtar said that the sheep and goats were being vaccinated against Enterotoxemia.

“Raising sheep and goats is not only a Sunnah but also a profitable business,” said Akhtar while urging the cattlemen to protect their herds from infectious and deadly diseases by timely vaccination.

He said pathogens present in fodder could produce toxic substances due to moisture and lead to the spread of Enterotoxemia in both cattle.

Therefore, sheep and goats farmers should observe that if their animals become sluggish, stop feeding and drinking water, and feel fever and diarrhoea that would be a sign of Enterotoxemia disease.

As soon as the above situation arises, the animals should be immediately taken to the nearest veterinary hospital for treatment and avoid providing more fodder than their physical needs, he informed the cattle owners.

Enterotoxemia is a frequently severe disease in sheep and goats of all ages. It is caused by two strains of bacteria called Clostridium perfringens – the strains are termed types C and D.





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