Unable to bear harassment, female teacher commits suicide

AWARAN: A female teacher, driven to despair by relentless harassment, tragically ended her own life in the Gishkaur area of Awaran, Balochistan.

The teacher, identified as Najma Baloch, was reportedly subjected to persistent harassment, leading her to a point of despair where she felt suicide was the only escape.

Najma Baloch was providing free education to underprivileged children in a camp school.

Despite the limited resources available in the region, she managed to run a school in a hut, where she generously offered her services free of charge.

Najma, revered for her efforts to educate poor children, took her own life after reportedly enduring harassment.

The local police have registered a case against three individuals, including a Levies official, in response to the allegations made by the victim’s family.

The deceased’s family has alleged that their daughter had been subjected to harassment by the Levies officials and their two colleagues.

Najma’s family added that she, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the situation, believed she had no other option but to end her own life.

Her mother, grief-stricken, recounted the threats and intimidation their daughter had endured, stating that Najma had bravely declared that she would rather be in her grave than be subservient to her harassers.

Following the incident, the Assistant Commissioner of Awaran has initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Najma Baloch’s suicide.

The relevant Levies official has been suspended, and an inquiry committee has been formed to delve deeper into the matter.

The police have already apprehended one of the accused individuals, while efforts are underway to locate the remaining two.


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