Institutions being systematically ‘destroyed’ to break PTI: Imran

  • Urges people to ready for sacrifice but should not accept slavery
  • States ‘new drama’ being hatched to break PTI to form ‘the king’s party’

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan came down hard on the cabal of crooks for unleashing a reign of terror and said that nobody could have imagined of stooping to this level in Pakistan’s politics, as PTI’s workers were not only being subjected to worst torture but were being threatened that women from their house would be taken away.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday, PTI Chairman said that the fascist government crossed all limits of barbarism and cruelty, as there was no prior example of exerting this kind of pressure on any political party in the country.

Imran Khan said that ten thousand people, workers and supporters of ours were thrown in jail and many of them including party leaders, were tortured due to continuing to stand with the party.

The PTI Chairman highlighted that party leaders were being tortured just because they gave statements that “they were standing with the party”. However, he added that those were spared and forgiven who said that they were leaving PTI.

“I have seen videos of Ejaz Chaudhry, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Shehryar Afridi, Umar Cheema and Mahmoodur Rashid when they were taken to the court to appear, who were tortured because they are standing with the party,” he added.

PTI Chairman continued that Dareshak family’s farmhouse was smashed and police broke into PTI Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan and Atif Khan’s houses and picked up the servants, adding that the country’s institutions were being destroyed as they have asked to break his party. “Those institutions that are supposed to stop crime have been tasked with destroying PTI,” he said.

Imran Khan revealed that despite unleashing a reign of terror only a few have left the party because he had allotted the party tickets himself this time and secondly people had realised that whoever left the party at this juncture, their politics would end forever. “We did not even intend to allot tickets to most of those who have left the PTI,” he added.

Imran Khan stated that all of PTI’s leadership was either in jail or in hiding to avoid the unlawful detention, adding that homes of those in hiding were being attacked and demolished. PTI Chairman said that now the fascist government was after the ticket holders to put a pressure on them to part ways with the PTI, as a new drama was being concocted of a new party. PTI Chairman said that many of those deserting the party were now lobbying for more breakaways.

However, he made it clear that the party cannot end through such brutal tactics because the people were standing with the PTI. Imran Khan stated that in the by-elections of July 17, people rejected the loots and turncoats and now the situation was even worse because the public was angry but panicked.”

“I know that my people are scared because they are instilling fear in them. If anyone’s life is in the greatest danger, it’s me. I have had two assassination attempts and I am pretty sure I will get another one, but I am ready to face situation for the sake of the country because I will prefer death over slavery,” he added.

Imran Khan went on to say that they had kidnapped his head of security Colonel Asim and blocked his security vehicles. “Do you think I will back down,” he asked, adding that they were only enslaving the people by creating an atmosphere of fear.

PTI Chairman said that Rana Sanaullah, in a press conference said, that PTI people was going to stage a rape drama, however, he said that the authorities were scared of releasing women despite the fact that none of the detained women were involved in acts of arson. PTI Chairman went on to say that they were hardly 100 to 150 people, who would have been involved in rioting, while the rest were protesting peacefully.

Imran Khan stated that the reaction was natural to protest outside military installations, the way he was abducted by the army, adding that women were being traced through geo-fencing, as an innocent female lawyer was picked up at three o’clock in the morning that she was present in Zaman Park.

“It is for the first — going by the reports we received from jails — that the majority of police is unhappy with what they are being made to do. The majority of police believes that cruelty is being inflicted,” he added.

PTI Chairman stated: “They have inserted Gullu Butts among police, who are pressure by unkown people and are forced them into doing what they are doing.”

Talking about the judiciary, Imran Khan stated: “I am aware that my superior judiciary is under immense pressure because judges too are receiving phone calls from unknown numbers and being threatened.”

Imran Khan stated that he was also aware that all institutions of the country were being used to systematically break the PTI. He continued that FIA closed the ‘open and shut money laundering case’ against Shehbaz Sharif and now it’s only task was to find the cases against PTI leaders.

PTI Chairman revealed that since the resignation of the former chairman of NAB, the only task of the accountability bureau was to use it to eliminate PTI.

“I said earlier that I am ready for talks, if only you explain to me that what is the roadmap and where we want to go. The road map so far I understand that a new King’s Party will be constituted and then the seats of PML-N and PPP will be divided because the votes of PML-N and PPP are almost diminished to form a coalition government,” he added.

However, Imran Khan asked that whether such a weak coalition government can bring the country out of the prevailing untold crisis, adding that only a strong government enjoying public trust could navigate the country through the current crises because it could take bold decisions, establish the rule of law and could introduce necessary reforms in the country.

PTI Chairman reiterated that the country could not survive without the rule of law, as the law of the jungle was destroying the country, adding that people were fast losing hope, which was evident that educated people and professionals were leaving the country in huge number.

Imran Khan stated that PTI government did not interfere in the institutions, adding: “We did not take revenge against anyone, as 95% of the cases against PML-N leadership was made in the previous government, as during out tenure only FIA case of Rs. 24 billion was made against Shahbaz Sharif.

PTI Chairman revealed that they were asking him for NRO to forgive them. He stated that Maryam Nawaz pelted stones on NAB office, but no action was taken against her.

Imran Khan stated that a warrant was issued to arrest him only for becoming a trustee, but their sole purpose to humiliate him. However, he asked would believe that Imran Khan was corrupt.

“It is a difficult time but sacrifices have to be made for freedom. I am ready for it, but I will not accept their slavery under any circumstances,” he vowed.

PTI Chairman made it clear that he wanted his nation to be ready for sacrifice. He asked that they would enslave 23 crore people while keeping 15,000 people in jail.

Imran Khan warned the people that if they succumbed to this fear today, their future generations would not forgive them because then this country would have no future.

Therefore, PTI Chairman urged the nation that they should never back down from the fight for their real freedom struggle come what may.



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