Imran’s political career about to meet miserable fate soon: Aimal Wali

PESHAWAR: Awami National Party (ANP) provincial president Aimal Wali on Friday said that the so-called 22-year political struggle of Imran Khan is about to meet its’ miserable fate soon.

In a statement issued here, he said that the nation has realized that PTI leader Imran Khan wanted to achieve his personal interests in the name of so-called change and “Naya Pakistan” and his self-centred politics had brought the country to the verge of collapse.

He deplored that innocent Pakhtun youth was manipulated by the so-called political leader of PTI and indulged them in violent activities and abusing state institutions, adding that over 1400 PTI workers were now in jails and those who instigated them were not even own them.

He said that PTI only destroyed the federal and provincial economies during its four-year government in the federation and nine-year in the province and kept the Pakhtuns deprived of their basic rights.

Aimal said that Pakhtuns still have time to part their ways with PTI and try to differentiate between their friends and foes, adding that ANP is always ready to wholeheartedly welcome anyone in the party indiscriminate of his/her past party affiliation.

He also urged the party elders and office bearers to hold meetings with those who were misled in the name of change or “Naya Pakistan” and play their imperative role in educating the people about the party’s ideology and manifesto.



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