Arif Alvi stresses need for dialogue, says ‘no party is anti-Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi on Wednesday made a passionate appeal to all the stakeholders to negotiate a solution to the simmering imbroglio, advising against labelling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as “anti-Pakistan or traitor”.

The president, in his opinion piece published today, wrote in detail about the country’s chequered political history and his life experiences dating back to pre-partition India.

President Alvi who is also the founding member of Imran Khan-led PTI — has been making efforts to bring the stakeholders to the negotiating table to bring down the political temperature in the country.

The opinion piece can be seen in the backdrop of calls for banning PTI due to its involvement in the May 09 vandalism of sensitive structures.

The party is believed to be involved in planning, abetting, and executing protests targeting government and military installations in violent protests following Imran Khan’s arrest in a corruption case last week.

The Pakistani military has also run out of patience and vowed to bring all those involved in the incident to justice through Pakistan Army Act, 1952.

“Where do we go from here? I urge everybody to take a deep breath. I will stick my neck out as I have learnt from experience and history both, and state that no political party today has ever been anti-Pakistan or that it comprises of traitors,” he wrote.

Alvi, however, made no mention of his party’s conduct in the wake of its chairman’s arrest nor did he condemn directly those who vandalised national monuments.

“Excesses have been committed by all during our history, out of frustrations including during the MRD. When all avenues are closed, anger in all its dimensions is the only route left which then colours the national landscape into a lethal red.”

Terming the peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia as a testimony of great leadership, Arif Alvi urged all Pakistani stakeholders to ‘think again’.

“Can we find similar greatness in our leadership?” he asked.

“I personally know there are many on all sides of the spectrum, including in the establishment, but everyday events and hot exchanges between them for their perception into dangerous arguments, even unrealistic questions are floated like, ‘Are you with Pakistan or against Pakistan?’,” he noted.

“The first and last thing elders would say would be to cool down, learn from the past, and save the family. Our friends who have a clear view from outside are urging us to. Those nations achieve the greatness which learn from history. Those who don’t, are forgettable dots in the sands of time. I have been urging all that we desperately need to find a solution. I am confident that Inshallah, better sense will prevail and with the spirit of forgiveness we will succeed in sorting out our disputes. A lot of work is to be done, and many golden chapters are to be written. Long Live Pakistan!” he concluded.


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