Leadership emphasises adherence to Constitution for Pakistan’s future

— Pakistan Day parade postponed due to ‘bad weather,’ presidency announces

ISLAMABAD: Emphasising the importance of upholding the country’s constitution in a message, the prime minister said Pakistan’s future potential can only be realised through national unity and purpose, along with a determination to follow the legacy of the country’s forefathers.

As Pakistan celebrated its national holiday on March 23, Shehbaz Sharif reflected on the country’s history and encouraged citizens to use this day to contemplate the present and strive for a prosperous future.

Separately, the presidency announced that the Pakistan Day parade, which was scheduled to take place at Aiwan-i-Sadr, has been postponed due to inclement weather. The joint services parade will now be held on Saturday.

In his message, Sharif reminded his fellow countrymen to remain aware of the challenges ahead, particularly economic instability and the need to establish clear rules of the game.

He invoked the Lahore Resolution of 1940, in which Muslims of the sub-continent came together under the guidance of Muhammad Ali Jinnah to establish a separate homeland. This resolution represented the dreams and aspirations of Muslims, as articulated by Muhammad Iqbal, who sought freedom and a separate homeland.

The prime minister acknowledged the many struggles that have occurred over the last 75 years, including wars and natural disasters. Despite these challenges, he celebrated the progress made by Pakistan in achieving various milestones.

He concluded his message by encouraging self-reflection, as a means to learn from the past, make amends, and achieve greatness. As a responsible member of the global community, he noted Pakistan’s commitment to resolving global issues and promoting world peace.


President Dr Arif Alvi has expressed his confidence in Pakistan’s ability to overcome current challenges, emphasising the importance of unity, faith, and discipline to strengthen and prosper the country.

In his Pakistan Day message, he highlighted the establishment of state institutions, impregnable defense, nuclear deterrence, successful counter-terrorism efforts, pandemic management, and cooperation in natural disasters as evidence of the nation’s resilience.

However, the president acknowledged that Pakistan still has a long way to go to ensure the rule of law, strengthen democracy, reduce societal inequalities, empower women and persons with disabilities, eradicate terrorism and extremism, maintain political and economic stability, and protect human rights.

Dr Alvi congratulated the entire Pakistani nation on Pakistan Day, commemorating the day in 1940 when Muslims of the sub-continent passed the Pakistan Resolution, demanding a separate homeland where they could practice their faith freely.

He paid tribute to the founding fathers of the nation, whose struggles and sacrifices led to the creation of Pakistan.

Alvi expressed concern over the persecution of minorities, particularly Muslims in India, the rise of Hindutva ideology, and the ongoing violence and human rights violations committed by the Indian security forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He asserted that the Muslim leadership of that time made a prudent decision, which has been vindicated by current events.

Dr Alvi reminded the nation to reflect on their successes and failures since independence. He acknowledged that Pakistan faced significant challenges during its early years, such as the resettlement of refugees, administrative and constitutional issues, security threats, social and economic development, and the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir.

Nonetheless, the country has made tremendous strides in every field through continuous hard work and ability.


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