Muzaffargarh DC prioritises promotion of women entrepreneurs for economic development

MUZAFFARGARH: Deputy Commissioner Agha Zaheer Abbas Sherazi of Muzaffargarh highlighted the immense talent of women entrepreneurs in the district, and expressed his administration’s commitment to promoting them for a more effective role in the country’s economic development.

Speaking at a seminar organized by the Social Welfare Department in honour of International Women’s Day, he emphasized that Islam grants equal rights to women and that there is no discrimination against women in Islam.

He cited the example of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), who gave utmost respect and honour to his daughter Bibi Fatima (SA), a symbol of simplicity, generosity, and love. Sherazi commended the deputy director of planning, Annam Hafeez, for her proactive role in the district’s development.

Sherazi also appreciated the efforts of women entrepreneurs in producing quality products in the district, and assured them that the administration would facilitate them further. He praised the Social Welfare Department for providing a platform to women entrepreneurs to display their products, and personally visited the exhibition to see the products displayed.

He promised to create a more conducive environment for women entrepreneurs and to organize training programs for them so that they can use online platforms to promote their businesses at the national level.

The exhibition showcased a wide range of products, including embroidered rugs, table runners, furniture, gems and jewelry, clothing for women and children, gardening items, pottery, paintings, footwear, and women’s health and hygiene products.

The Population Welfare Department also set up stalls to raise awareness about birth control.

Assistant Commissioner Nasir Dogar, DO Population Farzana Kausar, Deputy Director Social Welfare Dr. Nasir, civil society representative Malik Khair Muhammad Budh, and others attended the seminar.


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