South Korea to issue work visas to thousands of Pakistani skilled workers

ISLAMABAD: South Korean Ambassador in Pakistan Suh Sangpyo said Friday has said that the entire world was aware of the close relationship between Pakistan and South Korea.

In an interview, he said that South Korea would soon issue work visas to the Pakistani skilled workers.

“In this regard, South Korea has started considering an agreement with the Ministry of Overseas Pakistan,” he added.

He stated that thousands of skilled workers and artisans from Pakistan would be sent to South Korea during the current year, adding that thousands of Pakistani students had been studying in South Korea on scholarships.

He also said that the South Korean government and universities would give more scholarships to the Pakistani students.

“The embassy of South Korea in Pakistan is providing all facilities for visa. South Korea laid the foundation of motorways in Pakistan,” he pointed out.

“South Korea is working on eight hydropower projects in Pakistan. South Korea is also planning to work on power projects in the future,”.

“Pakistan is an excellent country in terms of hospitality. There is a need for an effective strategy for tourism in Pakistan,” he stressed.

“The historic sites in Taxila can attract many tourists from South Korea. The food and the places of Multan and Bahawalpur are the best in the world,” he maintained.

“The journey from Lahore to Islamabad through motorway is very beautiful. Biryani and environment of Karachi is very good,” he added.

“It will be better for Pakistan if a technology industry on the pattern of South Korea is also established in Faisalabad,” he noted.

“I have visited Mohenjo-daro twice. The Indus civilisation has a historical significance in Pakistan,” he added.


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